by David Graham.

Well, finally got Inside CRE Loaded revisions done. The eBook is compiled and
deployed. I’m happy to see that done, as we were able to include a
great deal of new content which brings the book much closer to what
I had originally envisioned.

The new revision contains more “How-To” content, adding process
summaries after the informational material and bringing the book
much closer to being exactly the text book we’ll need going
forward. We changed the title slightly, it is now “Inside CRE
Loaded: Volume 1 – Essential Blueprints”, and has been issued an
ISBN number. This brings us much closer to preparing a paperback
title which will make the material available more easily to Mac,
Linux and Asian PC users.

Product Keys is complete as well, and is likely to see sales on
other sites. While I really don’t want to focus on software
development, it is definitely essential at this point that the
university create as many sales as it can from software we have to
develop for in house use. Fortunately, this seems to be mostly
complete with RSS feed management being the remaining task to

I plan to manage this with a merger of some general XML/RSS
generation code into the Import/Export module system so that others
can pick that up and build a good replacement for Easy Populate.
This should be cross platform stuff eventually running on
osCommerce, and osC Max at least.

The RSS Feed project is already generating instructional material
for future coding classes. As part of building the separate page
system I wanted for this content, I generated a page template set.
This consists of two files, a root file and a content template
file. These will be used in generating the Flash content I will use
along with Inside CRE Loaded to build the basic coding

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