by David Graham.

Well, after a bit of research
yesterday, and some maintenance on my exeLearning editor, I began
today to build the Fundamentals of eCommerce course.

While it is not yet complete, I have uploaded my efforts so far to
the site, and will continue to update the package as I work.
Wikipedia is featured heavily at the moment, but other pertinent
sites will be included as well. This in addition to my own articles
and excerpts from Inside CRE Loaded: Volume 1 (ICL1).

Its been awhile since I prepared training materials, and as the
best tool for the job at the time was an NROFF compatible text
formatter on my OS-9 (Microware – not that Apple rip-off!) it has
taken some time to get used to EXE. I highly recommend it to anyone
considering building training materials though. The use of
“iDevices” (Instructional Devices) makes sense, and helps structure
the development task nicely.

I also worked a bit with Wink 2.0. This freely available FLASH
tutorial development tool is definitely going to see a workout over
the coming months. Building the installation and usage tutorials
for osCommerce 2.2 RC1, Zen Cart, osC Max and CRE Loaded will be a
bit time consuming, but I’m looking forward to the job with such a
straightforward piece of software. I plan to make some of these
tools available for osC family hosting firms to use in customer
support as soon as they are ready….

Another interesting project in progress is the Doxygenation of CRE
Loaded. The RCI class is documented, though I am still working on a
good method of developing an index of call points. Other functions
and classes will follow soon, and this cross referenced document
will be posted in our resource center.

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