In other developments, a complete redesign of the coupon system is underway. The first of a series aimed at replacing the venerable but dated Credit Class and Gift Voucher system, this project seeks to build a system which offers more flexible and powerful marketing tools to users of osCommerce based shopping carts.

While the design is still preliminary, the table set already offers significant improvements over the previous system. A clear separation is established between coupons and cash instruments such as Gift Certificates, Store Credits and Gift Vouchers. The extended table set will allow setting coupon application criteria in either allow OR deny formats, and provisions for coupon application management will extend to categories, products, customers and customer groups in ranges restricted only by server capabilities. The use of plugins will allow coupon types to be easily extended without core code modification – a major plus for add on developers.

Working design notes can be found in our development wiki, titled discount manager in the EOS Designs chapter. osCommerce developers interested in participating can comment in the forum topic “Re: CCGV Refactoring

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