Pursuant to my post earlier this month (“A River Runs Through It”), much progress has been made. We are now high and dry with new carpet and complete repairs to the damaged areas of the house.

While getting all this done has taken some time, some surprising progress has been made in advancing professional content – if sometimes indirectly.

First, work has begun on my technical report on ATS templating for CRE Loaded. This already includes 160+ pages of content and appears to be turning into Inside CRE Loaded: Volume 2.

Next, having acquired a partner, Denver Prophit to operate Hosting-4-creloaded.com on behalf of StrikeHawk Hosting, we have added a developer to our staff who will be working with us to develop consistently maintained professional documentation of osCommerce based releases. This is a welcome addition and we look forward to gaining momentum on generation of content and therefore courses.

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